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Martine Kerr SFG II, CK-FMS, CrossFit, TPI Certified

Martine Kerr

StrongFirst Team Leader, SFB, SFL, CK-FMS, NASM-CPT

In over 20 years of fitness industry experience, I have designed and delivered thousands of training programs for individuals and groups, helping all sorts of clients progress towards their health and fitness objectives. A lifelong recreational athlete, my life changed in 2007 when I discovered kettlebells. Having seen, tried and tested so many fitness programs over the years – out of a insatiable desire just to know more, to have an educated opinion on offerings in my industry, or out of plain curiosity ­– it was adding purposeful kettlebell training to my program that delivered the most effective, efficient and incredible body fat melting and physique sculpting results that I’d ever experienced in LESS training time than any other program. It was love at first swing. Totally hooked, I haven’t looked back since.

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While I took several kettlebell “instructor” training courses and scoured bookshops and the internet for whatever materials I could find (I now shudder at what cannot be unseen), it was the teachings of Pavel Tsatsouline and his original RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) system that deeply clicked with my beliefs and values about strength & conditioning, as well as those on instructor training. So before I introduced kettlebells to my students, I took my own advice and learned progressively: first with the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified instructor designation, followed by the RKC and RKCII kettlebell certifications, both taught by Pavel himself and an amazing group of his Master and Senior Instructors. After recertifying several times as an SFG I and II while assisting at instructor certifications worldwide, I was promoted to StrongFirst Team Leader.

Now I specialize in kettlebell technique coaching, helping prepare instructors to become SFGs and travel the world to teach at StrongFirst certifications, spreading our shared passion for strength, beautiful movement and living fit.

On the Personal Front

Mac lover, photo & video geek, graphic artist, MBA, marketing strategist, branding consultant, Instagram guru, investment advisor, financial analyst, spreadsheet junkie, strength, conditioning, movement, fitness & nutrition coach, kettlebell convert, and perpetual student. In a nutshell, that’s me, indulging both right and left brains, balancing obsessive compulsion and attention deficit tendencies, striving for knowledge and improvement, practicing what I teach and loving every bit of it.

SFG TL, SFL, SFB, NASM-CPT, CK-FMS, CFSC, Yoga Tune Up ® Instructor, Flexible Steel Specialist Instructor, Ground Force Method National Instructor, WCO Levels 1 & 2, CrossFIT Level 1 + Mobility + Kettlebell Trainer, TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional, TRX, TRX Sports Medicine, Vinyasa Yoga, ACE Group Fitness, REPS, MBA


Dear Martine,

I must say that in only two sessions I have markedly improved my kettle bell swings and getups. I deeply appreciated your minute attention to the fine details of technique. This was especially important with my getups because since my hand placement and leg positions were wrong. As a result I was able  to do perform the getup with a 28kg, where as before I could only achieve it with a 16kg. The same applies to your refinements on my cleans and presses and waling me through the basics of snatches.

I look forward to training with you again at Kult fitness next time I am in Dubai.

Saiyad Nizamuddin Ahmad, Egypt

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Kult Fitness Kettlebell Swing
Double Kettlebell Swing Set Up on Dubai Beach
Martine Kerr Training Pullups in Dubai
Turkish Get Up Kettlebell Movement

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