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Finding the right KETTLEBELL training in Dubai can be tough, and even a bit scary. Enthusiastic personal trainers are often quick to jump on what they see as the latest new ‘fad’ and kettlebells were no exception. But from the shenanigans I see in local gyms, parks and on social media, far too many of them introduced the ‘iron ball with a handle’ without having learned the principles behind the methods, developed a healthy respect for movement nuances, especially in terms of safety, nor having gained any knowledge and experience from both performance and teaching perspectives. Now I’m thrilled for the boosted awareness in kettlebell training. But what I’m not happy about is that their arrogance and/or greed has left a trail of bodies in their wake either scared of the movements, not getting the results they hoped for or worse, getting hurt by their trainer’s neglect. And that makes me mad. That’s where KULT Fitness comes in…so thank you trainers! I am all about movement and it just so happens that I love kettlebells as a fantastic teaching tool that helps me build better bodies. With that comes the commitment and responsibility in teaching you safe and effective technique, programming sufficient time to develop successful skill levels, using advanced knowledge and experience to design effective programs that help you to move better, be stronger, get leaner, live fitter so you can look & feel awesome. Ready to get started?

Dear Martine,

I must say that in only two sessions I have markedly improved my kettle bell swings and getups. I deeply appreciated your minute attention to the fine details of technique. This was especially important with my getups because since my hand placement and leg positions were wrong. As a result I was able  to do perform the getup with a 28kg, where as before I could only achieve it with a 16kg. The same applies to your refinements on my cleans and presses and waling me through the basics of snatches.

I look forward to training with you again at Kult fitness next time I am in Dubai.

Saiyad Nizamuddin Ahmad, Egypt

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Personal and semi-private training to lose fat, sculpt your body, get stronger, move better, boost your energy & moods, feel great.


You can’t out exercise bad food choices. Learn how to eat supportively for your goals and get there quicker.

Martine Kerr SFG II, CK-FMS, CrossFit, TPI Certified

Martine Kerr

In over 20 years of fitness industry experience, I have designed and delivered thousands of training programs for individuals and groups, helping all sorts of clients progress towards their health and fitness objectives. A lifelong recreational athlete, my life changed in 2007 when I discovered kettlebells. Having seen, tried and tested so many fitness programs over the years – out of a insatiable desire just to know more, to have an educated opinion on offerings in my industry, or out of plain curiosity ­– it was adding purposeful kettlebell training to my program that delivered the most effective, efficient and incredible body fat melting and physique sculpting results that I’d ever experienced in LESS training time than any other program. It was love at first swing. Totally hooked, I haven’t looked back since.

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While I took several kettlebell “instructor” training courses and scoured bookshops and the internet for whatever materials I could find (I now shudder at what cannot be unseen), it was the teachings of Pavel Tsatsouline and his original RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) system that deeply clicked with my beliefs and values about strength & conditioning, as well as those on instructor training. So before I introduced kettlebells to my students, I took my own advice and learned progressively: first with the Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified instructor designation, followed by the RKC and RKCII kettlebell certifications, both taught by Pavel himself and an amazing group of his Master and Senior Instructors. Continuing to add skills in my instructor toolbox, I completed the CK-FMS certification that specialized in Functional Movement Screening and Corrective Strategies as well as Pavel’s Bodyweight Exercise Workshop, Vinyasa Yoga, Primal Move (Fundamentals I and II, Breath and Kids), TRX (level I and II), CrossFIT Level 1 Trainer , CrossFIT Mobility Trainer, CrossFIT Kettlebell Trainer, and TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified. In October 2013, I became National Instructor for Primal Move and in November, I was honored to assist at two inaugural SFG I certifications: with Master Jon Engum in Vancouver and Pavel himself in Johannesburg. With a few more assistant assignments: SFG II in Houston, Texas (January 2014), SFG I in Chicago, Illinois (April 2014) and SFG I in Dubai, UAE, I was promoted to StrongFirst SFG Team Leader in January 2015, the first ever in the Middle East. While I continue to use extensive bodyweight exercises with my clients, supplementing some TRX, medicine ball, stability ball, band, dowels, blocks, skipping ropes, steps, pull up bars, etc. as needed, kettlebell training is my passion. But it’s not about the tool. It’s about YOU and helping you reach your health and fitness goals.


On the Personal Front

Mac lover, photoshop geek, graphic artist, MBA, marketing strategist, branding consultant, investment advisor, financial analyst, spreadsheet junkie, permanent student, strength, conditioning, movement, fitness & nutrition coach and kettlebell convert. In a nutshell, that’s me, indulging both right and left brains, balancing obsessive compulsion and attention deficit tendencies, striving for knowledge and improvement, practicing what I teach and loving every bit of it.

StrongFirst Team Leader (SFG TL), StrongFirst Bodyweight Instructor (SFB), CK-FMS, Yoga Tune Up ® Instructor, Flexible Steel Specialist Instructor, Ground Force Method National Instructor, RKC, WCO Levels 1 & 2, CrossFIT Level 1 + Mobility + Kettlebell Trainer, TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional, TRX, TRX Sports Medicine, Vinyasa Yoga, ACE Group Fitness, REPS, MBA



Performance and durability…there is a difference. We may perform at extremely high levels but often, at a high cost to our longevity. Durability is the ability to perform for the long term. It’s understanding that fitness should never be mindless. Movement is a habit. And because how we move gives us either a leading edge towards achieving our potential or increases our chances of injury, we identify and help correct weak links that put you at a higher risk. Re-training better movement patterns helps you to replace old compensatory habits with healthier, more productive, less stressful ones. We build better bodies from the foundation up, following a proven path to durability. You get to feel better, look better and go longer.

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The top 4 predictors of future injury are: past injury, asymmetries, dysfunctions and motor control issues. #5 is stupidity. That means that the majority of injuries are PREVENTABLE. Since we can’t do anything about your past history, identifying and correcting any weak links goes a long way to reducing your risk from the middle three. Our programming and removing the negatives, as well as your cooperation helps to reduce the fifth. We can’t stress the importance of moving well enough since far too often people don’t realize they have a weak link until an injury has occurred. So to help you move better, we will:

  • Identify any weak links that increase your risk of injury through the proven FMS screening process.
  • Gain a deeper picture with a thorough lifestyle, health, medical background history and additional movement assessments.
  • Identify and remove the ‘negatives’ – activities and exercises that test your weakest link.
  • Follow the corrective path through to the end to cement gains in mobility, before stability and before conditioning.
  • Help you to move better not just in our training sessions, but in life.

Like relationships, being strong takes commitment. It’s doing the right things, the right way, making tough choices, being consistent and accepting responsibility for our actions. True strength comes from a solid foundation of good movement, without compensatory patterns. From this basis, we train your strength and with it your ability to use good movement patterns in demanding situations. The side effect to committed strength training? A boosted metabolism that sustains and improves your lean muscle and burns fat. Muscle definition that gives your body a sculpted shape. Better bone density. Improved moods. More energy.

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But strength has a greater purpose. It is mental and physical ability to cope. It is an approach to challenges, in seeking solutions to overcome them rather than reasons to not bother trying. We train you for strength because, well being stronger fixes almost anything.
Body composition, or % body fat, has replaced weight as a better, more reflective indicator of fitness (ONE indicator, not the ONLY indicator). We’ve all known a ‘skinny fat’ person: seemingly thin, yet with little muscle to provide shape to their body. On the other hand, a very lean person who would rate ‘overweight’ according to the BMI scale, may have significant muscle in relation to their body fat. A healthier body composition is the result of improving lean muscle mass and/or decreasing body fat. At KULT, we seek to do both because a healthy body composition is good for your joints, your heart, your health and, well, your ego.

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We become leaner in two ways increasing lean body mass or reducing fat. When we do both, results accelerates and who doesn’t want faster results? But remember that weight loss is not the goal – we’re looking for fat loss. Our effective programs deliver:

  • Baseline strength on top of good movement patterns: the foundation for making durable body composition changes.
  • Metabolic training to maintain or increase your lean body mass and burn fat since muscle is your fat burning machine.
  • Focus on your body composition rather than weight.

We all know that regular physical activity helps to regulate moods, improves sleep and can boost energy levels. These reasons alone are enough to make us want to get moving and help you do the same. But there is a difference between feeling good and feeling awesome. Feeling awesome goes far beyond physicality. It’s feeling empowered that you are the architect of your own body and fitness. It’s deep satisfaction in not just achieving goals but consistently working towards them. It’s in living a positive example that inspires your family and friends. It’s in believing that you CAN achieve more not just in your fitness, but in life. Our programs aspire to give you that.

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