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Reshaping your body – it’s in your power.

Is it complicated? No, it isn’t. In fact, certain fundamental principles repeatedly find their way in almost every body shaping program out there. There really isn’t anything totally ‘new’ – other than perhaps the marketing BS that goes around trying to make you believe something is new so you buy it (spoken from an extensive  marketing background here). The good thing is that we know what to do. The bad thing is that we often choose not to do it. We look and find convenient justifications, excuses and reasons NOT to do the things that we KNOW we should do. And do you know what? After repeating those excuses to yourself long enough, your brain starts to believe them. But that doesn’t mean you are doomed to your existing body. Your brain is an incredibly plastic and wondrous thing: what you teach it to believe works both ways…start taking responsibility, trusting in your strength and ability to commit, to make tough choices, to resist temptations, to work TOWARDS your goals and your brain will start to believe that instead. And once your brain believes it, anything is possible.

So the first basic step in reshaping your body is taking responsibility for your actions and acknowledging that working towards goals isn’t complicated, it just isn’t always easy. Tough choices have to be made as it’s those choices, little ones, big ones, frequent ones, etc. – towards or away from your goal – that add up to your result. No one else is responsible for your success but you. Stop blaming your busy schedule, your lack of personal time, your family responsibilities, your stressful job, your old injuries, your medical conditions, your visiting friends/relatives, your or your family’s food preferences, etc. and acknowledge that YOUR DAILY ABCs (actions, behaviors and choices) are what created the body that you already have and will create the body that you will have. No one else can chose that future body but you. You just need to really want it and believe that you deserve it. And trust me, everyone deserves to live in their best, healthy body.

Stay tuned for Basics #2 – Goals.