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Wow! I can’t believe it’s Sunday already and time for a new roundup of great fitness reads. Note that I’ll be away next week in California so unable to give you the week’s review. So I’ll be back the following Sunday with 2 weeks worth!


Top Contenders for the Best Fitness Articles this Week

10 Awful Nutrition Myths,

Two things don’t usually sell well: Truth and Prevention. This is a great overview of some myths that keep showing up in popular media that people really need to stop believing.


Stop Trying to Be Hardcore, Mike Samuels

This one is for my fitnesspro pals out there and for anyone who was possibly put off by one who promoted what seemed to be an impossibly difficult journey to their “happy island.” Perspective folks. Lets never lose sight of why we became fit pros in the first place, to help people – where ever they are today.


My Favorite 5 Shoulder Health Exercises, Dean Somerset

Sheesh, you might think I have a huge crush on Dean for showcasing another of his articles in my top contenders. Maybe it’s because he’s a fellow Canadian. More likely because he’s a super smart guy and I – and about 50% of the entire adult population – has a history of shoulder issues. Admittedly I love anyone who uses a Turkish Get Up for shoulder health! Great read for anyone with shoulder issues, thinks they have issues, want to avoid issues…everyone.

Enjoy your reading!

Cheers, Martine