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Strength has a GREATER purpose

Be strong for life…not just for the gym Dallas in July Every year, I commit to studying something at least a little bit outside of my comfort zone to broaden my knowledge base and bring fresh perspectives to my students. A big fan of MobilityWOD, I knew within... read more

8 Most Common Kettlebell Swing Errors

Kettlebell Swings: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Kettlebell swings. Done well they epitomize the perfect balance between power and grace. Done less well they look like a lot of work by a bunch of unrelated and uncooperative parts. Good swings have very little to do... read more

Why Trainers are Full of BS

Being ok at everything means being good at nothing I want laser eye surgery. I’m not embarrassed to admit it. I really do…to repair some corneal scarring from original lasik done 12 years ago. When I do get it (one of these days), I won’t be going to a heart surgeon.... read more

5 Steps for Mastering a Push-up

Push ups. Or depending on where you are from, press ups. Whatever you call them, they are one of the best exercises for your body to build upper body strength and a solid core. With few exceptions though, new KULT students’ faces fall when asked to show me what... read more

3 Media Tips for Fitness Business Owners

Publicity is Publicity Right? Love it or hate it, media is here to stay. And as the CEO, Head of Marketing, Sales Director, Accountant, Writer, Designer, Web Master, Trainer, Coach and Cleaner of a new business, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be featured... read more

Strength Powers Your Other Fitness Goals

KULT Fitness – Powered by StrongFirst Before StrongFirst, many of the world’s most talented and respected strength and fitness coaches, instructors and athletes sought out the RKC for their specialized kettlebell instructor skills. Less interested in... read more

Can Hardstyle Even DO Soft?

Before finding my way towards Pavel Tsatsouline, the RKC now SFG and hardstyle (HS) kettlebell training, I went to ‘YouTube School’ to learn what I later found out was a soft or more fluid style of lifting kettlebells. Let me be clear – I did NOT train for Kettlebell... read more

KULT Blog Updates

Updates on the KULT Blog Just a few housekeeping issues to expand on today… Firstly, I need to apologize on my blog silence over the past few weeks. My good friend passed a way last week and I found it hard to find my voice. Secondly, I’ve gotten valuable... read more


No Good Life Was Built on Excuses My apologies. I have been back from California for almost an entire week but between jet lag and a nasty cold, I just haven’t been able to get my head on straight to finish any writing. With three drafts underway – my... read more



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