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Best Fitness Articles This Week

Hi, my name is Martine. I am an information junkie. So to fill my boots when I'm not training, I'm usually at my computer reading. As an aside, I splurged on a perching seat (go ahead, ask me for details on the Focal Standing Seat). Wouldn't have much credibility...

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Can you make a difference in your fitness in just 21 days?

Been on any social media platforms lately? Hard to miss the countless body transformation challenges out there. 8-12 weeks of hard work can bring amazing changes to your insides and out! But what about those that feel intimidated by 8-12 weeks? Or just can’t imagine finding the time. Here’s a plan to make a difference to your fitness in 21 days.

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Body Reshaping Basics #2 – Goals

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there. With few exceptions, most successful body transformations started with a want: a better body (or at least a better shaped one), more energy, a healthier lifestyle, improved health markers, more endurance, a better example to family, increased strength, decreased body fat, better metabolism, shapelier arms, a more toned butt, better sports performance, or whatever. But until that ‘want’ was turned into a specific goal (or set of goals), it remained wishful thinking, lacking the power to help drive behaviors towards making it reality.

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Body Reshaping Basics #1 – Taking Responsibility

Reshaping your body – it’s in your power.

Is it complicated? No, it isn’t. In fact, certain fundamental principles repeatedly find their way in almost every body shaping program out there. There really isn’t anything totally ‘new’ – other than perhaps the marketing BS that goes around trying to make you believe something is new so you buy it (spoken from an extensive marketing background here).

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ABCs of a Fit Lifestyle

Ahhhh the end of summer. For some it brings welcome promises of relief from the heat (check), too many travels or even children having gone a bit squirrely from too few friends or too much home time (check). For others, it’s a more melancholic goodbye to slow mornings, special summer foods and activities (check), and reconnecting with far away loved ones (check). Regardless of which side of the fence you might sway (back and forth is perfectly fine), we can all embrace fall for the new opportunities it brings to reengage your fit lifestyle.

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7 Tips for Better Abs

Ok I get it. I have a marketing background so I know how it works and have written my fair share of them: headlines that grab your attention and make you want to invest time in reading further – and usually buy something as a result. (Note here that if people did a...

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Birth of a blog (well a second one)

Intentions are merely wishes. Wishes are dreams with no deadlines. Actions are what life is made of. Guilty. My first attempt at blogging fell into the trap of so many others...self doubt. What did I have to say that was interesting enough for people to read? Do I...

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Good morning sunshine!

A recent tidbit from Women’s Health Magazine recommended exposing yourself to light early in the morning as opposed to later in the day. Apparently morning light more effectively to synchronizes your internal body clock, which means that you’re more likely to have a natural and steady sleep schedule.

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