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with the UAE’s only StrongFirst Team Leader,
SFL, SFB and CK-FMS Instructor

With proper training, kettlebells deliver results. Fast. But there is a huge difference between swinging a kettlebell around and executing a powerful kettlebell swing. One does pretty much nothing for you while the other doesn’t stop delivering. So developing safe and effective technique is important.

Finding the right KETTLEBELL training in Dubai can be tough, and even a bit scary. Enthusiastic personal trainers are often quick to jump on what they see as the latest new ‘fad’ and kettlebells were no exception. But from the shenanigans I see in local gyms, parks and on social media, far too many of them introduced the ‘iron ball with a handle’ without having learned the principles behind the methods, developed a healthy respect for movement nuances, especially in terms of safety, nor having gained any knowledge and experience from both performance and teaching perspectives. Now I’m thrilled for the boosted awareness in kettlebell training. But what I’m not happy about is that their arrogance and/or greed has left a trail of bodies in their wake either scared of the movements, not getting the results they hoped for or worse, getting hurt by their trainer’s neglect. And that makes me mad.

That’s where KULT Fitness comes in…so thank you trainers! I am all about movement and it just so happens that I love kettlebells as a fantastic teaching tool that helps me build better bodies. With that comes the commitment and responsibility in teaching you safe and effective technique, programming sufficient time to develop successful skill levels, using advanced knowledge and experience to design effective programs that help you to move better, be stronger, get leaner, live fitter so you can look & feel awesome.

Following the StrongFirst kettlebell training system of forging fitness and strength, you will gain all the skill you need to get the results you want. And once you safely execute the foundational exercises, you can confidently pick up a kettlebell in any gym, Crossfit box or bootcamp, get an @ Home program, opt for my online training or join me for some ADVANCED Group Sessions.

Here’s how you can GET STARTED with kettlebells or IMPROVE your TECHNIQUE.

Personal Technique Training

Kettlebells and Bodyweight

Private 1:1 Kettlebell Introduction Program

5 Session Technique Course

  • Five (5) 1:1 personal training sessions to progressively develop your technique with focused attention
  • Valid for 30 days from start date
  • AED1750 (save AED450)
  • 2:1 Buddy: Share the experience with a buddy for AED1500 each (save AED250 each)
  • Learn the fundamentals of kettlebell training during this 5 hour course, focused on the Swing, Goblet Squat, Press and the Turkish Get Up. Also begin to build some confidence and situational awareness that will keep you safe and the results coming.
  • KULT Skill level: KB Level 1, which gets you entry ADVANCED Group Training.

Courses and Workshops

For those looking to get all the knowledge upfront, keep an eye out on our schedule for specialty fitness courses and workshops in Dubai and around the Middle East.

StrongFirst Kettlebell Course

NO kettlebell experience is necessary. This full day, 8-hour immersive course is an awesome way to learn how to train safely with kettlebells with an expert coach guiding the way. Designed by StrongFirst for both the kettlebell novice and fitness professionals wanting to sharpen their skills, the course covers five fundamental movements — the Swing, 2-Hand Clean, Turkish Get Up, Goblet Squat and Press, plus a few bonus moves — that keep you safe and deliver results. Future SFG instructors often chose to attend to have their techniques evaluated and coached by an expert against the SF standards. Check the WORKSHOP page for details.

KULT KB Express Workshops

This 5-part series of workshops (2 hours each) usually focus on two kettlebell skills, building them from the foundation up. We look at fundamental movements, common faults, drills to address them, mobility practice to accessory exercises so you get the most out of your training. These workshops are usually booked for private groups of 8-20 people in the UAE or anywhere I might be traveling. Contact me if you want to book. Alternatively, check the WORKSHOP page for any public dates.

Flexible Steel Instructor Certification

Being strong is amazing. Being flexible is liberating. But too often, we forge ahead with one, forgetting the other. This one-day instructor certification will teach you effective strategies to address limitations that act as brakes on your potential. Although this is designed for personal trainers, anyone with an interest in moving better is welcome. Check the WORKSHOP page for details.

Other Workshops

Check the WORKSHOP page for details on other workshops that I teach in Dubai and globally.

  • Turkish Get Up for Stronger Yoga
  • Rock your Pushup
  • Mobility flows
  • Body Tune Up
  • StrongFirst Bodyweight

Personal Kettlebell and Bodyweight Technique Training

Looking to learn how to train with bodyweight exercises or kettlebells by someone who herself learned from Pavel Tsatsouline at the RKC and now with StrongFirst? Personal technique training at YOUR pace is a great option for many people:

  • those looking to make their personal kettlebell journey a longer one due to special considerations, injuries or conditions
  • more experienced swingers looking to develop advanced skills
  • anyone looking to learn a specific kettlebell movement

From single one time sessions to longer term commitments, we can customize a package that suits your needs.