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with the UAE’s only StrongFirst Team Leader,
SFL, SFB and CK-FMS Instructor

Want to boost your client results with hardstyle kettlebell training? Or to take your own technique and coaching skills to the next level? You have come to the right place.

The StrongFirst standards are tough, but totally achievable with smart and progressive preparation.

Great coaches know that exercising with a kettlebell and kettlebell training are NOT the same thing. You see people using kettlebells for exercise in gyms everywhere. You know what I’m talking about…going through the motions of what they think they’re supposed to be doing, “working out” without much thought on being better tomorrow than they were yesterday.

It’s a shame.

A shame to leave so much kettlebell training potential on the table. Better results, faster results, with more time and energy to get more out of life results…all wasted. Untapped because they simply didn’t know any better. Or their trainer didn’t. Let’s change that.

Our StrongFirst approach is different. We start with reverse engineering what the most successful athletes do to get stronger, move better, get fitter, and go longer. We believe that performance comes from moving better, not from moving more. From training smarter, not from training harder. From disciplined practice that leave us energized, not from mindless exercise, chasing the burn or measuring success with sweat or vomit. We strive to find the minimal effective training dose that gets our students’ results, while letting them get more out of what they love to do, whether that be on the field, at work, or at play in the garden. It’s what we teach our instructors to do.

As the highest ranking StrongFirst instructor in the region, taught and coached by Pavel Tsatsouline himself, I have learned from the industry’s the smartest and most talented people. I am honored to be on StrongFirst’s leadership team, traveling the world to coach instructors and to teach at StrongFirst certifications. Plus, SFGs and SFG candidates from all over the world seek my ‘eyes’ — online and in person — on their technique, looking to improve their own performance and to make sure they are ready for their SFG certification weekend.

It’s what I can do for you.


SFG Readiness Assessment

How SFG Ready Are You?

SFG Certification Preparation

Coaching Your SFG Journey

StrongFirst Kettlebell Course

One Day To StrongFirst Principles and Standards

Instructor Coaching

Coaches Need Coaches

SFG Readiness Assessment

How SFG Ready Are You?

Option A: Single only
Option B: Initial and Follow-up

STRESS. It’s part of every SFG Candidate’s life working up to that epic, life changing weekend. No matter how many massages, how much meditating, or how much training you do, wondering just how ready you are will be stressful.

In an ideal world, everyone would have an SFG within a few hours drive to help prepare you for your certification. But this isn’t ideal and we don’t all have access to nearby experts — I sure didn’t being the first SFG (RKC at the time) in the UAE. And if you’ve been following the StrongFirst Blog, Forum, Books and Videos, you’ve probably been practicing as best as you can for the big day. Being able to swing, snatch, squat, etc. is great. But not being able to do them to the StrongFirst standards contributes to 30%+ failure rate on testing day.

Let me review your technique (by video or in person if practical) and give an honest opinion on whether I would have passed your SFG testing with that specific performance. I’ll use my “Team Leader” serious face (go ahead, ask anyone whose had to test with me live) and objective watchful eye to assess your skills just as I would if you were on my team at an actual certification.

Now obviously this isn’t a guarantee that you will pass on YOUR certification testing date. But it’s a great way to identify any gaps with enough time to close them. To know where to concentrate your training efforts for the greatest gains. To reduce the stress of the unknown. And finally, to boosts your confidence so you can enjoy it more and focus on becoming a better coach.


  • Techniques KULT opinion of SUCCESSFUL / NOT SUCCESSFUL
  • Snatch Test KULT opinion of SUCCESSFUL / NOT SUCCESSFUL
  • Feedback on strength & weaknesses: Mobility, Strength, Technique, Endurance
  • Practice recommendations based on feedback


HOW TO: Please email me for an application, indicating your certification date, current/target weight, and age if above 50 at the time of certification.

TIMING: Your initial assessment should be ideally done 3-6 months prior to your SFG Certification date. Your follow up assessment should be done 4 weeks prior.

SFG Certification Preparation

Stack Your Odds for a Successful SFG

Option A: 3 to 6 Months Coaching
Option B: One-time Readiness Assessment + Training plan

Getting ready for your SFG Certification takes time, discipline, patience and practice. A desire to step up, to see what you are made of. That doesn’t happen overnight.

Most successful candidates prepare 3-6 months for their epic, life changing weekend. Some even more. Because being an SFG is more than just going through the motions. It’s about respecting the process of skill and strength acquisition.

So how can you make the most of your preparation journey, keeping you from getting lost or going down the wrong paths? Ideally, with a SFG nearby to coach you. Unfortunately, not everyone has easy access to one. Being the first SFG (RKC at the time) in the UAE, I didn’t. I did my best following Pavel’s materials, dissecting the video examples, working for months to duplicate what I saw, and building strength the best way I knew how. The snatch and clean were my nemeses. No matter how much I tried, they felt unnatural. By the time I got to Italy, I could do the moves (or at least my version of them) — but I was nervous. Had I practiced them right? Created bad habits? Could I do them at the standard, in a fatigued and stressed state, under challenging conditions?

While I was successful, mine was a long and lone journey. I freely admit that I would much rather have taken a ‘shortcut’ — one with a coach guiding me in the right direction. Years later, I’ve recertified a dozen times, assisted for many masters (including for Pavel himself) and travel the world leading teams at StrongFirst certifications. And because I would have greatly benefitted from a coach, I am one. Helping students in person and online get SFG ready so they can enjoy the experience just that little bit more with less stress.


  • Initial Readiness Assessment (Technique testing and Snatch test review)
  • 8 week training plan + 4 week pre-cert training plan
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Bi-weekly skype/live check-ins, follow-ups
  • Up to 6 video/live Technique Reviews (one for each skill)
  • 4 week pre-SFG Readiness Assessment


  • Initial Readiness Assessment (Technique testing and Snatch test review)
  • 20 week training plan (broken down into blocks depending on need) + 4 week pre-cert training plan
  • Weekly email check-ins
  • Bi-weekly skype/live check-ins, follow-ups
  • Up to 12 video/live Technique Reviews (two for each skill)
  • 12 & 4 week pre-SFG Readiness Assessments

Email me with questions and to get started.

StrongFirst Kettlebell Course

Full-Day Experience in the StrongFirst Principles and Standards

Looking to possibly certify as an SFG Instructor but have no KB experience? Or have some KB experience, but not with hardstyle or sure about the StrongFirst standards?

NO kettlebell experience is necessary. This full day, 8-hour immersive course is an awesome way to learn how to train safely with kettlebells with an expert coach guiding the way. Check the WORKSHOP page for details.

Then this 8 hour course is an excellent way to learn and practice under StrongFirst’s technical standards. Designed by StrongFirst for both the kettlebell novice and fitness professionals wanting to sharpen their skills, the course covers five fundamental movements — the Swing, 2-Hand Clean, Turkish Get Up, Goblet Squat and Press, plus a few bonus moves — that keep you safe and deliver results. Future SFG instructors often chose to attend to have their techniques evaluated and coached by an expert against the SF standards. 

KULT Special for Fitness Instructors ONLY

Within 6 months of having attended the SF Kettlebell Course, you can have your technique personally evaluated by me against the testing standards (SFG Readiness Assessment – valued at US$120/AED440). This will give you an objective view of what your strengths and development areas are in order to successfully pass the SFG Instructor Certification should you chose to pursue it.

StrongFirst Scholarship

StrongFirst recognizes that some course attendees will want take their kettlebell skills to a new level — the SFG Instructor Certification. During this three-day, life changing experience, you’ll delve even deeper into the fundamentals, learning how to teach them. Plus, you’ll progress with even more advanced kettlebell training and how to program training for results. So to help you learn more, StrongFirst will invest in your education by providing you with a US$250 scholarship when you enroll in a Level 1 Certification within 12-months of completing the StrongFirst Kettlebell Course.



Coaching for Trainers

A good coach recognizes the he/she also needs coaching, and isn’t ever too busy or too good to hire an expert and objective set of eyes.

From keeping your form in check, addressing compensations before they set in, spotting opportunities to optimize technique and training, your coach is there to keep you sharp. So you get the most out of your own training, and deliver the best to your students.

Instructor coaching is a customized coaching service, designed to work for you. Some options to consider:

  • online with video reviews or in person;
  • one-time technique review session or monthly check-ins, feedback, mentoring
  • SFG, SFB or SFL techniques, Flexible Steel, Bodyweight, Movement preparation or a combination
  • Plan Strong strength programming
  • instructor mentoring: from coaching skills to business development and marketing

Send me an email with what you might have in mind so we can schedule a chat.