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KULT Blog Updates

KULT Blog Updates

Updates on the KULT Blog

Just a few housekeeping issues to expand on today…

Firstly, I need to apologize on my blog silence over the past few weeks. My good friend passed a way last week and I found it hard to find my voice.

Secondly, I’ve gotten valuable feedback from trusted friends and clients about what materials they want me to write about. Interestingly, and almost unanimously, most thought that although the weekly roundup was interesting, they preferred MY voice and opinions to that of others. And since I usually forward great reads as I get through them through facebook, the time I was spending selecting those to include on a short list could be better utilized writing my own articles. Thanks to this feedback, I’ll be working on a resources page with great sites I often source for their sound advice and thought provoking articles. I’ll let you then judge whether you want to spend some time on their pages.

Thanks ever so much for sharing your ideas and suggestions. I’m all ears to your feedback!