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UAE National Day Holiday Fitness Quickie Planner

UAE National Day Holiday Fitness Quickie Planner

It’s been a few weeks since our last school holiday so, in typical UAE fashion, another extended holiday is happening this week. Don’t get me wrong, I used to love holidays and am sure my kid loves being out of school. But as an entrepreneur, these frequent closures make running a business extremely difficult. If I ever get to come back to this earth, I want it to be as a student in Dubai.

While UAE National Day (and the two extra days that will follow it, plus the weekend) is a wonderful holiday to celebrate, you might not be one of the fortunate few who can get away for a mini-holiday. And with the kids at home, you might even feel a little screwed out of your normal fitness routine.

If that sounds a little like you, here’s a little help with your holiday fitness planning.

Holiday Fitness Quickie Planner

You need a pencil, paper and possibly some friends and family members to help. I like to involve my son so he can draw up a nice poster for motivation.

Step 1. Available Equipment

List all your home exercise equipment options. This could include pillows for jump overs, a bench for push-ups, stairs for step ups, a long hallway for walking lunges, a carpet for crawling, etc. Or you could simply skip to Step 3.

Step 2. 2 Minute Brainstorm

List all the exercises you could do with or without any of the equipment you identified. My favorites are push-ups, walking lunges, 180 degree spin jumps, drop squats, curtsy lunges with side squats, long jumps, burpees and plank variations.

Step 3. Chose your format.

Countless ways exist to turn this basic information into a workout session. Here, I’ll give you two easy ones, perfect for holiday days when you may want to get on with other things.

Fixed Time

How long do you want to exercise? Lets assume 20 minutes. Next, choose a good work versus rest interval that suits your fitness level.

  • 40s work: 20s rest for advanced (total set = 1 minute)
  • 30s work: 30s rest for intermediate
  • 20s work: 40s rest for starters

Since each set is 1 minute, you’ll do 20 sets of exercise. You can alternate from your brainstormed list in step 2, or simply chose a few moves for today and do those. During the rest portion of your interval, especially at the starter level, keep your rest active by marching. DON’T SIT.

Repetition Circuit

Pick 5 exercises out of the list. Do 10 repetitions of each (on each side as necessary) before moving onto the next exercise. Continue until you’ve done all 5 exercises for 10 repetitions each. Rest for 2 minutes. Repeat for 5 rounds or until your time is done. Reduce the number of repetitions as needed to keep good form.


Getting the kids involved in the planning goes a long way in having them want to participate. You can play around with taking turns chosing the exercises, times or format. Pack some water, and head to a local park or green space for a family holiday fitness quickie.

Need extra help or guidance for your at home or gym workouts?
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