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5 Smart and Simple Kettlebell Workouts

5 Smart and Simple Kettlebell Workouts

You’ve heard it before. Perhaps you’ve even said it. “I just don’t have the time to exercise.” Now I get that some days are really over the top busy with family, children, work…everyone wants a piece. But have you considered whether you are getting easily wrapped up in the merely urgent, rather than staying focusing on the truly important?

It’s not about more. It’s about better.

Obviously the first step to that is deciding what is important to you and then scheduling time for it. Not only is it a mindset, it’s a habit…the more you do it the easier it gets. Health. Stress relief. Setting a good example. Eating more healthfully. Moving better. Getting stronger. Is living a fitter life important to you? No ‘buts’, this is a yes or no question. How will you feel when you are doing it? If your answers are yes and better, then you must make time for it. Your family and work life will benefit more than if the washing is done. And in fact, it’s not a question of having more time. It’s a matter of using the time we have more wisely.

In the simple yet mindful act of deciding that your fitness is important, the merely urgent loses a bit of its power over you. But just deciding it doesn’t make it so. Only action makes it a reality.

That’s where smart training comes in. It’s all about making the most out of the time you have. It’s about being effective AND efficient. It’s about working on your weaknesses to improve your overall performance, endurance and capacity. It’s about making you proud of your commitment to your health and the example you are choosing to give to others. It’s also about having MORE time (not to mention energy) to enjoy your favorite activities and hobbies, time with friends and family, quiet down time for yourself. It’s about helping you work towards your physical potential without spending countless hours doing less effective exercise.

I admit it – being an instructor makes me biased. However, the proof is in the proverbial pudding: training with kettlebells will drastically decrease your workout time because it’s more efficient and more effective than any method you’ve used before. That makes it very smart training. No more slaving away at the gym for hours or pounding the pavement – unless you truly enjoy it. For those that do, two to three short kettlebell sessions per week will make you better at it. Just think how much more time you can spend with your family or do the things you love yet still reach your physical potential. Kettlebells are proven to increase strength, decrease body fat, increase bone density, BMR, flexibility, glucose tolerance and aerobic capacity. A kettlebell routine can also increase human growth hormone (HGH) naturally. HGH, which declines markedly after the age of 50, is responsible for fat burning, muscle building, increasing metabolism, improving the ratio of good to bad cholesterol, better immune system, increased sex drive and reduced risk of heart disease. Who doesn’t want an all around better quality of life? And do you know what the best part is? You don’t need to get all fancy either. In properly trained hands, simple kettlebell movements pack a great fitness punch. Remember not to mistake ‘simple’ for ‘easy.’

5 Smart and Simple Kettlebell Workout Routines

The following routines are deceptively simple as they combine only two movements. Done with a challenging kettlebell weight, they’ll deliver fat burning, strength & cardio endurance all at once.

1) 2 Hand Swings & Goblet Squats – declining repetition ladder.

Start with 10 swings and immediately follow it up with 10 goblet squats. Without rest, switch back to 9 swings and 9 goblet squats. Continue until you are all the way down the ladder and finish one repetition of each.

2) 2 Hand Swings & Push Ups – on the minute

Do 10 swings followed by 5 push ups on the top of the minute for 15 minutes.

3) Heavy / Regular 2 Hand Swings – for 15 minutes

Complete 5 heavy kettlebell swings immediately followed by 10 swings with your ‘regular’ weight. Rest as needed.

4) 1 Hand Swings & Kettlebell Long Press (thruster) – on the minute

Do 10 1 hand swings followed by 5 kettlebell long presses (full squat into a press) on the top of every minute. Each minute change hands. Continue for 18 minutes.

5) Kettlebell Snatches and Turkish Get Up – for 16 minutes

Do 10 kettlebell snatches on the right. On the last repetition, descend with a TGU, change hands and ascend with a TGU before continuing with your snatches on the left. Continue as long as your form is good for up to 16 minutes. Use the TGU portion of the movement as your rest so be mindful to control each stage.

Enjoy. I’d love to hear about your experience with any of or all of these workouts. Comment as you please! If your are new to kettlebells and want to learn, I’d love to help.