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A FEW HOURS. A few days. Enough to change your life.


I’m excited that our both our StrongFirst Kettlebell Course and the SFG Instructor Certification earn points for REPS UAE registered members!

THE 8-hour Kettlebell Workshop – PERFECTED

April 21, 2017 | Dubai

May 27, 2017 | Lebanon

June TBD | Dubai


Price US$299 (AED1110)

REPS UAE Instructors
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SFG Kettlebell Course

You want to learn how to use kettlebells…correctly, safely to get results.

You also want to be certain that you will receive the best instruction possible, and avoid wasting time and money. If you are like many others who attend any of our worldwide SFG* Kettlebell Courses, then perhaps:

  • you are just starting out and want to do it right.
  • your nearest SFG Instructor’s class schedule or semi-private sessions do not fit into your own work/life schedule.
  • you want to dig deeper into the skills, but cannot currently afford a series of one-on-one sessions.
  • or you want to take a single day to learn everything you can under the keen eye of an expert instructor, so you can get busy on your own or practice safely in other settings, in addition to or instead of a gym membership.

You’ve possibly browsed through dozens of how-to articles and YouTube videos, confused by conflicting examples, unable to tell the difference between what is safe, correct form and what isn’t. Here is an unfortunate reality: Most of what you see out there is highly questionable, suboptimal or out-dated. A lot of it is flat-out dangerous. There are critical differences between just exercising with a kettlebell and kettlebell training. And StrongFirst is the trusted, expert source for safe, effective hardstyle** kettlebell training.

Developed by the founder of the modern kettlebell movement, Pavel Tsatsouline, the SFG* Kettlebell Course is THE 8-hour kettlebell workshop — perfected. It builds the strongest foundation for safe and effective hardstyle kettlebell training available within a single day and is delivered by one of Pavel’s elite team of personally selected instructors.

The world’s best kettlebell instruction is our legacy, and it is our ongoing obsession.

StrongFirst designed its Kettlebell Course with one goal in mind — to separate the truly important from the fluff. Based on years of training the world’s best instructors, athletes, military, fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike, StrongFirst built its course from the ground up, identifying the truly necessary skills for a solid foundation upon which to build a lifetime of improvement. The result is a foundational curriculum focused on a select few, incredibly powerful fundamental skills you’ll need to progress any fitness goal. But it’s so much more than that. Our course instructors follow the StrongFirst methodology to deliver that knowledge and develop deep skill in the most efficient way possible so that after your one day of training, you can safely practice on your own.

Get US$250 OFF of your SFG Certification: Kettlebell Course students wanting to deepen their knowledge with the StrongFirst SFG Kettlebell Instructor Certification will get US$250 off of the SFG Registration, provided they register within 12 months.

What will you learn?

What you will learn

SWING — experience the swiss-army knife of kettlebell training that burns fat, improves cardio, trains strength, boosts endurance, sculpts your physique

GOBLET SQUAT — relearn the essential movement pattern that keeps you moving young

TURKISH GET-UP, OR TGU — develop dynamic stability, body linkage and graceful strength

PRESS — improve upper body strength and shoulder mechanics while learning to dial up tension and direct forces with intent

PLUS — Cheat clean, 1 arm swing and snatch technique preparation.

It doesn’t stop there. Throughout the day, you’ll also learn universal MOVEMENT PRINCIPLES as they apply to the kettlebell skills, and begin to appreciate how they can improve any of your other exercise modalities:

  • Safety is performance
  • Strength stretching” to take the brakes off your strength, spare your joints, and always be ready to go
  • Breathing techniques for strength, endurance, back safety, and stress reduction
  • Core bracing strategy that transfers to sports, martial arts, exercise, yoga, pilates and activities of daily living
  • Tension skills for instant strength gains
  • Awareness of range of motion limitations, body blind spots and motor control patterning challenges
  • A proven way to train your abs 300% more intensely than with traditional exercises
  • Shoulder mechanics used by professionals for maximal strength and resilience

And so that you can hit the ground running, you’ll get a detailed COURSE MANUAL covering the skills taught and a TRAINING PLAN to follow — for general strength and conditioning, muscle building, and fat loss.

Is this course right for me?

Everyone can benefit from immersing themselves in StrongFirst’s brilliantly effective principles and methodologies led by one of the organization’s top instructors. Limited or no previous experience? Excellent. Better to learn it right the first time than to have to re-learn it right later. You’ll build a solid foundation designed by Pavel himself on which to progress for years to come whatever your fitness level or age. A bit more experience? Maybe trained in a different kettlebell style? Spectacular. Boost your skill, confidence and results with targeted feedback and drills to optimise your technique though your coach’s expert eye. You’ll be able to take our foundational principles and apply them to other modalities and see you results expand. A hopeful SFG instructor candidate? Awesome. While the SFG Kettlebell Instructor Certification is a three day event, it can take 3 to 9 months of serious preparation depending on your fitness and experience level. Our instructor standards are demanding because they keep you and your students safe, and results coming. Plus we want to be sure we could trust you with training our mothers. Challenging, yes, but nothing most can’t achieve with good training. Even if you are already familiar with some kettlebell concepts, you’ll learn and be coached to our standards on four foundational movements during this course. That’s valuable feedback to take back to your preparation.

What does SFG mean?
SFG stands for StrongFirst Girya. Girya is the Russian word for kettlebell.
What does hardstyle mean?
The term hardstyle is just a word used to describe our style of kettlebell training that prioritizes power production with a high transfer rate to other fitness pursuits. In comparison, GS (or fluid) style prioritizes energy conservation which is critical to compete in Girvoy or Kettlebell Sport. We use similar tools but have different applications.

Are you SFG Instructor Material?

1-3 December 2017 | Lebanon

REPS UAE Instructors
10 Points



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SFG I Kettlebell Instructor Certification

StrongFirst is looking for the best in the region for Dubai’s second SFG I Instructor Certification led by Master SFG Shaun Cairns. Hardstyle kettlebell training is safe and effective, in the right hands. The SFG I certification is the gold standard of the industry, and attracts the best and most talented trainers, coaches, athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to learn from the best. Successful SFGs have demonstrated technical mastery, movement insight, safety awareness, teaching aptitude and a strong spirit. This is a three day event, approximately 8:00 to 18:30 each day.
Testing Standards
SFG Technique Testing

  • Single kettlbell swings
  • Double kettlebell front squat
  • Single kettlebell press
  • Double kettlebell cleans
  • Single kettlebell snatch
  • Single kettlebell Turkish get-up

SFG Snatch Test

100 repetitions to be completed within 5 minutes. Men use a 24kg kettlebell. Ladies under 56kg use 12kg; those 56kg and above use a 16kg kettlebell.

Teaching Skills

As an instructor candidate, you will also be evaluated on your teaching ability throughout the weekend while you work with a partner and others. This starts on day one, hour one.

Details about the SFG Kettlebell Instructor Certification. Details about StrongFirst.

Perfecting the PushUp

2017 TBD

PushUp Clinic

The simple pushup. Simple? Yes…push yourself off the floor and come back down. Easy, well that’s another story for some.

I designed this three hour workshop for anyone to finally learn what goes into a great pushup, so they can train them well. Stronger bodies, shapelier muscles, better coordination, static and dynamic stabilization, plus efficient motor control — that’s what a great pushup should deliver! Not better cheating strategies on how to get them over with.

We’ll deconstructs the pushup, from it’s fundamental building blocks to advanced variations for the more skilled. Everyone will leave with great progressions that will keep them challenged for months and years to come.

KULT Kettlebell
Express Workshops

2017 TBD

From Novice to Confident Swinger

KULT offers five 2-hour Express Workshops to get your kettlebell skills up and running fast!

  • The Swing *** Prerequisite for the others
  • The Turkish Get Up
  • The Squat & Lunge
  • The Clean & Press
  • The Snatch

Each workshop covers the fundamental principles of biomechanics that go into the focus movement. I’ll review mobility and motor control restrictions commonly seen, and provide strategies to overcome them. Starting for the very basics of bodyweight movement, we’ll build our foundational kettlebell skills from the bottoms up. We’ll troubleshoot the common errors to keep you safe and set you up for maximum results. No workshop is every complete without a great practice session where we put all the skills learned together under an expert’s watchful eye.

Attending The Swing workshop is a pre-requisite for the others.