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WATCH YOUR MOUTH. You CANNOT out-exercise bad food choices. PERIOD.


The nutrition coin has two complimentary sides: appearance and health. From a ‘look’ perspective, it’s a fact that about 80% of your body transformation will come from food choices. The other 20% will result from smart training. You can’t complain about your body if you aren’t eating to support what you want it to be. PERIOD.¬†From a health perspective, it is widely held opinion in the scientific and medical community that many modern day diseases and health conditions are PREVENTABLE by removing unhealthful eating habits and replacing them with healthful ones. At KULT we help you gradually take this journey. From coaching sport performance nutrition, post-exercise recovery nutrition, breaking difficult habits and craving cycles, changing mindsets towards what you CAN eat rather than SHOULDN’T, building new habits to support your health and fitness goals, we can help get you there.


You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge. And many people do not realize the extent of their eating habits until they invest the time to really look at them. In analyzing food diaries, eating habits, preferences and challenge foods, seldom can we not find at least three strategies that will jump start more healthful eating. But we have to know before we can change.


Habits are habitual behaviors resulting from repeated exposure to a stimulus. When it comes to eating habits, many unhealthful ones are also a regular response to boredom, emotions or stress. The best way to change unhealthy eating habits is to replace them with more supportive ones. But this doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why coaching is extremely useful for those looking to change their lives in a positive way. Is it easy, well no. But it’s not hard either. It just takes determination, commitment, compromise and patience. Trust us: the results are worth it.


Whether you are an athlete needing to ensure adequate nutrition to maintain your training levels and performance or for those having a specific body composition deadline, KULT can help you plan a safe and science based approach to eating that will support your goals.

Goal 1: Photo shoot

Preparation for a fitness photo shoot requires manipulation of carbohydrates, sodium, protein and water. And some smart training. For me, between 4-8 weeks of preparation is required depending on my starting state.

Different goals

Goal 2: Special Event

Preparation for a special event is a little less stressful, though still requires the same dietary manipulations. On me, the look is a little less lean.

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