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Dear Martine,

I must say that in only two sessions I have markedly improved my kettle bell swings and getups. I deeply appreciated your minute attention to the fine details of technique. This was especially important with my getups because since my hand placement and leg positions were wrong. As a result I was able  to do perform the getup with a 28kg, where as before I could only achieve it with a 16kg. The same applies to your refinements on my cleans and presses and waling me through the basics of snatches.

I look forward to training with you again at Kult fitness next time I am in Dubai. 

Saiyad Nizamuddin Ahmad

Working with Martine and her KB training sessions has been a life changing event. I have been active all my life and attended many types of fitness classes. I never seemed to reach either my goal weight or preferred body shape, until i joined the KB classes that Martine provides. As an instructor she has not only given me a fantastic level of fitness, but i was able to drop those last few pounds and loose a total of 14cm’s, i have gained amazing body strength and stamina. My overall body shape has changed significantly and i have become so much stronger, all products of working out with Martine and KB;s. Some of the best training i have ever received. If you are looking for a toned body, loss of cm’s and a great fitness level then i would highly recommend a session with Martine.

Claudia, UAE

I have known Martine both as a fellow team member playing ice hockey, and as a fitness instructor, and can vouch for her absolute passion and ‘100%’ spirit in everything she says and does. She takes a no-prisoners approach to fitness and has her own results in terms of strength, mobility and body composition to prove that she can deliver the goods for anyone who chooses to follow her.

Roohi, UAE

It was such a pleasure to work alongside Martine at a recent kettlebell certification. She is strong and detail-oriented, and extremely passionate about teaching. I consistently saw students’ skills improving under her guidance. If you work with Martine you will be challenged to new levels and you will have fun doing it!

Kati Teray, USA

I have been taking kettlebells with Martine for nearly 5 years and is the only exercise program I have continued and still love! Over the last five years I have noticed – 
increased strength, improved cardio endurance, more core stability and an increase in the amount of push ups I am able to complete! I have lost inches, increased muscle definition in my abs, arms, back and legs. 

Although, we all want to have hot bodies with great definition the most important area of change for myself was a decrease in my asthmatic condition and overall well-being. I no longer require a steroid and rarely need an inhaler. I have more energy, am happier, have less “pms” symptoms and feel more positive.

Martine creates an environment that is fun, challenging, and energizing. Her workouts are adapted for every body, shape and size; whether you are a beginner, novice or “long-timer.” Every work out is fun and challenging and NEVER boring.(In five years I have only done the same workout two times! How amazing is that??)

Martine has also instilled a mindset of being more disciplined and committed regarding exercise, eating habits and overall general health. Her passion and commitment are admirable. I feel so grateful that finally someone has motivated me enough to get off the couch and start “swinging into a life of great mental and physical health!” Thanks Martine! You are the best!

Marcy, UAE

What a privilege to have Martine assist on my Level 1 SFG Cert….when I arrived with a strange shoulder “injury/limitation”, I was IMMEDIATELY put at ease within minutes of discussing my fears with this wonderful instructor. She knows her stuff. I felt like I was in VERY good hands, especially when she offered to kinesio-tape me after observing my specific scapular dysfunction. You will walk away from ANY interaction with Martine, with more confidence, skill and insight. Her quiet energy; together with dynamic instruction, when you need it, is infectious, endearing and motivating. You WANT to work smarter, you feel ENCOURAGED by her constant eye on you, never intimidated. She is a passionate, personable, petite powerhouse. (…the online support I had just before submitting my re-tests was PRICELESS….) You will NOT regret choosing to work with this skilled, strong and compassionate professional.

Mandy, South Africa

I had the privilege of meeting Martine when she stopped by Bang Fitness (Where I work) on her way to Vancouver to assist at an SFG cert. She graciously offered to look over and critique my skills practice in preparation for our SFG level 1 cert we were hosting later that year. The feedback was invaluable and definately set my mind at ease for the coming weeks of preparation. Her level of attention to detail, honesty, passion and stern but jovial manner made her an absolutely wonderful teacher. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get results in a safe, challenging and effective manner!

Paul Hynes, Canada

I highly recommend Martine. She is committed to her profession of improving movement and helping clients reach their goals. When I have assisted or learned from her she consistently surpassed my expectations. Her coaching and cuing has helped improve my strength practice and kettlebell skills. She gave up a lunch hour to provide me with extra help and stayed late to help me clean my gym and do the garbage run – I think this says it all! Ms. Awesomeness is worth hiring to reach your goals.

Sheila, Canada